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Nancy LaPlante - Mary Kay Sales Director

I became interested in Mary Kay when I attended party in early 1993. I was impressed with the products but, with my mom terminally ill, I knew I needed to dedicate every waking moment to her. She passed away in May and I joined Mary Kay in August 1993. I was depressed and sad about my mother’s passing but the upbeat, positive nature of the company and its sales force, really helped me through a dark time.

I didn’t do much with my business the first year. I attended some events and soaked up knowledge but, to be honest, I was afraid of what my friends might think of me. You see, I am college educated and was working as a Social Worker at the Battered Women’s Center. I was very busy, working 50 – 60 hours a week, and had a preconceived notion about who a Mary Kay Consultant was. I thought Mary Kay was only for old women with white hair who wore red lipstick. Boy, did I have a thing or two to learn! This is an innovative, trend-setting company full of vibrant, goal-oriented, successful people who make things happen!

I was raised in West Texas and, about a year after I joined Mary Kay, my husband and I decided to move to North Carolina. We knew no one. I decided to use my Mary Kay as a vehicle to meet people so I would chat with people everywhere I went. I began to build my customer base over the next year and a half while I was working full time. It was exciting to deposit money into my account from my selling appointments and then again with the reorders. I loved sharing the product and making people feel great about themselves. 

However, I was in a terrible job situation. After many, many tearful nights, my husband encouraged me to quit that job. It was the best gift he had ever given me. We had no money in savings but my boss was unbearable. I decided Mary Kay wasn’t rocket science. I knew I was smart and could make great things happen so I quit on a Wednesday morning and by Friday, I knew I LOVED being the captain of my own ship! I was scared to death but had faith in the company and my Sales Director so I had to get over the fear and “just do it.” I quit the job in March 1996, earned my first car in July 1996 and became a Sales Director by the end of the year. It was just a decision to work. I didn’t let anything get in my way of achieving my goals.

In December 1996, while I was working on these big goals, my husband decided he didn’t want to be married anymore and left me the Friday before Thanksgiving. I was devastated to say the least. I decided to continue to pursue my goals thinking, if he wanted to reconcile, I would have a great Mary Kay business or, if we split for good, I would have a great Mary Kay business. We divorced a year later. My business and this company have been a bed rock for me for all these years. I worked when I could so, when life sucker punched me, my business was still there for me. I am forever grateful to Mary Kay Ash, our founder. She never met me but changed my life by creating a company where I could live up to my potential and give back to others.

After my divorce, I was set up on a blind date in 1998 with the man I ultimately married, Louie LaPlante. We had a great time dating but he deployed that fall with the US Marine Corps and my father was killed in a horrific car accident in December 1998. The death of my father sent me into a tailspin and I went through a bought of deep depression. Because I had spent time building my business, it continued to work for me while I was fighting depression.

Louie and I married in August 2000 and had our first child in April 2002, both wonderful events! Our child came home in a vehicle we earned through Mary Kay! But, when Louie retired in 2004, it was a rough transition. We had our second child in January 2006 and our little family was complete. He also came home in a different vehicle we earned through Mary Kay. In April 2009 my one and only sister was diagnosed with Stage 4 Uterine Cancer and I felt like the world crashed around me. She has been fighting the good fight ever since and I am privileged to be able to talk with her daily and travel to Houston often to visit. You see, life is full of ups and downs but, I am so thankful my Mary Kay business has been there through it all. It is just a decision to work.

Our Unit has won awards over the years and I have personally been on the Queens Court of Sales 6 times. I have been a Star Consultant every single quarter since 1996 and we have earned the use of 9 career cars and countless prizes but the highest honor I could receive was being nominated for Miss Go Give in April 2005 by my sister Consultants and Sales Directors. To give of one’s self with no expectation of anything in return is my ultimate goal in life and to be honored for that was so humbling.

I absolutely love my life thanks to Mary Kay. I am able to be a work from home mom. I can volunteer at the school any time I choose without asking anyone’s permission. I can choose the hours I work so I can maximize the time I have to spend with my family. I can travel to care for my sister anytime I want without my coworkers getting upset that they have to “carry my load” while I am gone. I have experienced tremendous personal growth over the years and I love that I am able to empower women to step out of their comfort zone and grow personally and professionally. The ripple effect with this business is astounding. I loved my social work jobs but I never made much money. With Mary Kay, I can create a lifestyle for myself as well as create financial independence while helping others all along the way.

I am a Mary Kay “lifer” and cannot wait to see where this business takes me!!

Jennifer Crosby

Premier Club Sales Director

Jenny is from Mount Holly, NC.

She began her Mary Kay business in October 2011. She debuted as a Sales Director March 2012! 

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